63        Reducing Unemployment


63.1   Proposed GN drafts to reduce unemployment

63.2   What can YOU do to decrease unemployment?


63.1 Proposed GN drafts to reduce unemployment

In the chap-26 "RRP Proposals to Improve Engineering Skills”, I have proposed and described the following law-drafts to improve Engineer skills. They also reduce unemployment. I will restate the proposed Gazette Notifications to reduce unemployment  :

1.       Gazette drafts to increase purchasing power of commons :  MRCM-draft (see chap-5) will increase purchasing power of us commons. And MRCM-draft and Wealth Tax draft will decrease rents and so the money commons pay as rent will decrease, and this will leave them with more money to purchase goods. The abolition of VAT, Service Tax will also increase incomes or reduce costs or both in parts.  So these laws proposed by me, to be passed using TCP, will increase purchasing power. The increase in purchasing power coupled with 300% import duties will increase local manufacturing and thus decrease unemployment

2.       Reducing cost of land :  One of the biggest fixed cost in startup is rent during initial loss-making period. Lesser this rent, easier it is for a person to start a new venture. How do I at Right to Recall Party propose to reduce cost/rent of the land? By using TCP to print MRCM-draft (chap-5) and Wealth Tax draft (chap-25) in the Gazette. MRCM-draft will reduce land rent as all entities which are occupying GoI land more than they need will start giving up the excess land they have and so supply of land will increase. And Wealth Tax will reduce ability or all private individual to hoard land, and so that too will bring down the price of land. This will increase number of industries and shops and will decrease unemployment.

3.       Right to Recall District Education Officer, Education Minister, University VC : (see chap-30) I at Right to Recall Party propose to enact RTR over DEO, State Education Minister, Central education Minister, University VC and many other key positions in education. I propose to enact these RTR laws using TCP. These RTR laws are necessary to improve class I to class XII education and college education.. The draft of RTR-DEO is given in chap-30. These drafts when printed in Gazette will improve education and thus decrease unemployment.

4.       Saatya System over Maths, Sciences : Using TCP, I propose to introduce Saatya System (described in next chapter ) in subjects like Maths, Science etc.. The Saatya System will also promote adult education of Maths, Sciences etc.. Saatya System is described in chap-30. These drafts when printed in Gazette will improve education and thus decrease unemployment.

5.       Fast, least unfair and least nexused disposal of disputes : In USA, typical criminal case takes 1-2 months and civil cases take 5-6 months. In China case disposal rate is fast, but less fair than USA. In India, case go on for years and too often verdicts are unfair. Faster the speed and lesser the unfairness, lesser is the need for factory owner to develop nexuses with those in power, This enables him to focus more on his job and become more productive, more creative and more focused. This improved Engineering. How to make courts speedier, less nexused and less unfair? Solution is RTR-judges, Jury System etc.. The drafts are given in chap-7 and chap-21. This drafts will make it easier for employers to function, and so more employers will come, and this will decrease unemployment.

6.       Enact social security for labor : Using TCP, I propose to enact MRCM law (see chap-5 for draft). The MRCM law-draft will ensure that every citizen gets mineral royalties and land rents from GoI plots every month, and this will create social security for all citizens including labor. The social security system makes labor immune to exploitation. And this also forces the employer to pay certain minimum wage without any law. This increases employers will to improve technology that would reduce labor use. This improves manufacturing and engineering skills. The social security system also enables creative minds to leave employment and focus on their personal research. This increases new innovations in the market, and create more opportunities and decrease unemployment.

7.       Hire-fire : In absence of hire-fire laws, the indiscipline and irresponsibility will increase. And when employer makes  loses, forcing him to pay the labor will only force him to sell away his industry to wealthy individuals or MNCs. This will only increase the strength of MNCs and wealthy individuals. IOW, if  we support a law-draft that an employer cant expel workers to cut costs, then MNCs and wealthy individuals who have ability to bribe bank directors and Finance Ministers will be able to get low interest loans and survive this burden. But the small time employers who are in constant competitive environment, and have no contacts to bribe bank directors or Finance Ministers will be left with no option but to sell away their units to MNCs and wealthy individuals. IOW, no-fire laws benefit wealthy and corrupt individuals only. So I am RRP propose to bring hire-fire laws using TCP and enable smaller employers to function, and thus increase small businesses and thus decrease unemployment.

8.       Easy entry exit laws to maximize the competition : Weapon manufacturing requires engineering talent. The only way to create engineering talent in engineers is by creating situation where in they are confronting (non-violent) ruthless competition with other engineers. Training in colleges can only make them familiar with issues and research in universities can only do some path-breaking work or waste time. An engineer acquires ground skills only when that engineer is in real industry and when he is confronting real competition.  And easy entry-exit laws are necessary to maximize the competition. Easy exits will enable employers to start other businesses with ease, and thus decrease unemployment.

9.       High custom duty : Either country should be at par with technologically most advanced country in the world or laws must ensure very high import duties on all goods except natural raw materials. Since India is far from acquiring capability that would compare with even Vietnam, forget China and even forget Germany, Japan or US, it is necessary for us to impose 300% custom duty on imports so that local manufacturing gets the local market. Of all custom duty collected, 33% will go directly to the citizens, which added with RTR over Customs Director will reduce smuggling. Higher custom duties will promote local manufacturing and thus decrease unemployment.

63.2 What can YOU do to decrease unemployment?

Please read chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion law-drafts necessary to reduce unemployment  problems. Once law-drafts such as Right to Recall Police Chief, RTR CM, MRCM etc. get printed in the Gazette, the unemployment will reduce.