51        There may be some drops of blood, if not rivers


51.1   Why so much hostility against TCP, RTR etc.

51.2   So will elitemen, Ministers. IAS, judges give up without shedding a drop of blood?

51.3   My answer to above question


51.1 Why so much hostility against TCP, RTR etc.

As most of us know, India’s top polity, business and administration is run by about 10,000 elitemen, of which majority now represent interests of videshi elitemen. Eg the biggest crude oil company of India is now nothing but a Rockefeller front. Now if MRCM comes, the 10000 deshi/videshi elitemen would loose profits from mineral mining to citizens. This will weaken elitemen and strengthen us commons. Likewise, RTR will reduce the ability of elitemen to bribe Ministers, officers, judges etc.. This will further reduce the strength of elitemen. Now TCP will lead to MRCM, RTR within 3-4 months. And so the elitemen hate TCP. Now as most of us know, the CMs, PM are puppets of these 10000 elitemen. They themselves too many be one of these elitemen, but they are only one of the top 10000 elitemen in India – they cannot print anything against collective will of these 10000 elitemen. The eminent intellectuals are all paid-eminent intellectuals i.e. they are all grant-seekers and so most eminent intellectuals race to serve the interest of these grant giving elitemen. The elitemen hate TCP and RTR and almost all eminent intellectuals have opposed TCP and RTR. The reason is not hatred, but the reason is that if TCP abd RTR come, then the elitemen stand would lose over 95% of incomes they make via minerals and preferential allocation of land. And IAS, IPS, judges, Ministers etc. will also lose.

51.2 So will elitemen, Ministers. IAS, judges give up without shedding a drop of blood?

I at RRP is proposing and demanding only a 3 line draft TCP before PM, CMs.. I have no other demands. As of now, I am not demanding MRCM or RTR or anything at all. MRCM, RTR etc. are my requests to citizens once PM meets the demand of signing TCP draft.

And TCP says nothing but “allow citizens to post their complaints on PM’s website.”

So will such a small demand cause bloodshed?

Will elitemen let PM, CMs print the TCP draft laws without any bloodshed?

51.3 My answer to above question

I want zero bloodshed. But hoping that elitemen would give away minerals’ incomes to citizens and that elitemen etc. will up all the mineral/land income without resorting violence seems to be too good to be true. I want to bring TCP only via citizens asking PM, CMs. I do not want any citizen to use violence against any PM, CMs, MLA, MP, Minister, IAS, IPS , judges. elitemen etc.. And I wish PM, CMs, elitemen etc. do not use violence against us RTR activists. But if elitemen decide to use violence against RTR activists, then also, I would request RTR activists not to use violence, but I cant say what may happen then.

As of now, I will assume that there will be no violence from elitemen, Ministers etc. and so there should be no violence from citizens. If elitemen decide to use violence or harassments, then each non-80G-activist has to decide which non-violent method he wants to take : violent method adopted by Duratma Gandhi or non-violent method adopted by Ahmisamurti Mahatma Udham Singh or Ahmisamurti Mahatma Bhagat Singh or Rashtrapita Ahmisamurti Mahatma Subhash Chandra Bose. Each activists’ decision will be final.