50        RRP’s Membership, Candidate selection etc. rules


50.1      My goal behind forming Right to Recall Party

50.2      Splitting of RRP and competing RRPs

50.3      Funding

50.4      Becoming a member

50.5      Open expectations from members

50.6      Deciding first MP candidate

50.7      Changing the MP candidate

50.8      Deciding first MLA, Corporation candidate

50.9      Member’s role in elections

50.10         Replacement of the President of the Party

50.11         Appointment other officer bearers

50.12         The Party Constitution given to Election Commission

50.13         Recognizing other RRPs


50.1 My goal behind forming Right to Recall Party

My goal is to get several drafts such as TCP, RTR PM, RTR Supreme Court judge, MRCM etc. printed in the Gazette, by raising Ahmisamurti Mahatma Udham Singh centric draft-led activist-guided activist-funded anti-paid-media mass-movement. Please note – the goal is not that we at RRP will get 50-500 MPs, and get the laws we want passed. The goal is to get these law-draft via mass-movement only.  I have no faith in the approach that “make 50-500 good guys MPs, and they will print good law-drafts in the Gazette”.  I believe in the mass-movement only, where focus of mass-movement is to appeal to Mahatma Udham Singh.

So all RRP rules are to speed up mass movement, not to win elections.

50.2 Splitting of RRP and competing RRPs

I officially encourage members to form one more RRP party campaigning for Right to Recall laws !! In fact, I would welcome an MP/MLA level candidate forming his own party and managing RRP affairs inside that MP, MLA Constituency himself rather than depending on National level RRP. That would give him full security that he would get the ticket and he can focus on the campaign in that Constituency with full assurance that he is sure to get the ticket. And that would speed up RTR movement.

50.3 Funding

The RRP will not take any donations from any outsiders or even members. An optional fee of Rs 50 may be kept purely to keep membership records, and all money collected will be donated to Prime Ministers’ Relief Fund. Please note clearly, the RRP will not take a penny of donation from anyone, not even members. The members and supporters can give newspaper advertisements or put hoardings or xerox pamphlets but no supporter should give cash to any RRP candidates or members. The members and supporters should give cheque\cash directly to the newspaper. The party officials and supporters will not get any salary or even expense re-imbursement for any expense they make.

50.4 Becoming a member

There is no membership fee or joining fee. An optional fee of Rs 50 may be kept purely to keep membership records, and all money collected will be donated to Prime Ministers’ Relief Fund. There will be no requirement to bring donations in the party.  In fact, RRP is against cash as well cheque donations. There will be open request to fund newspaper advertisements, but this is not a compulsory requirement. The person should be citizen of India, above 18 and a registered voter. He may or may not be member of other Party.

50.5 Open expectations from members

1.  The member is expected to take steps mentioned in chap-13 of  301.pdf  (this book).

2.  He should sign the petition at http://rahulmehta.com/q.htm or http://facebook.com/groups/righttorecallparty/permalink/10151395103588103/ 

3.  On his facebook profile, he must write “Right to Recall PM”

4.  He should write letters to one or more of the following 14 leaders : PM, CM, MLA, MP, No. 2 MP candidate in previous election, No. 3 MP candidate, No. 2 MLA candidate, No.  3 MLA candidate, leader of the parties which got first, second and third highest votes in India and their States. The letter would these leaders to publicly declare support for the First and Govt Order RRP stands for. The letter should also mention that if the leader does not support the proposed TCP Gazette Notification, the letter writer will publicly tell every citizen that that leader is anti-common

5.  If the member is NOT computer literate, and then he should find a Recallist member who is computer literate and someone he trusts. He can operate his account via the computer literate RRP member. But orkut account will be compulsory. And one computer literate RRP  member can become proxy of at most 100 non-computer literate members and no more.

6.  The member should check his messages once every week, and write what activities he did in past 1 week to advertise the party agenda.

7.  The member should vote in every internet poll asked by the party President.

8.  The members will be required to attend the Assembly level meet 4 times a year, Lok Sabha level meet 4 times year, State meet once a year and National meet once every 2 years.

The rest of the activities are described in chap-13.

50.6 Deciding first MP candidate

1.     The first person who gives RRP advertisement worth Rs 100,000 in a leading local language newspaper in a tier-IV district will become RRP candidate for that Parliamentary Constituency.

2.     The amount will be twice for tier-III city, four times for tier-II city and six times for tier-I city. E.g. if someone wants to become RRP candidate for Mumbai, then advertisement amount is Rs 600,000

3.     The above price is 2009 base. The amounts will increase by proportionate increase in wholesale price index.

4.     If there is no candidate who is willing to give ad, then person who gives highest ad will become MP in Constituency.

50.7 Changing the MP candidate

If a person becomes MP candidate by giving RRP advertisement, he will be MP candidate till he is replaced by an inner party voting where rival candidate gets votes equal to at least 5% of total voter population and more than votes he got in the last election. Also, the winning candidate will need to pay thrice expenses MP candidate has incurred in newspaper advertisements.  Example :  Say Mr. A has become MP candidate by giving Rs 5,00,000 of newspaper advertisement on TCP and RTR. Say the constituency has 15,00,000 voters. And if Mr. B wants to replace Mr. A. Then Mr. B will have to ask at least 75000 voters to send Rs 10, their mobile numbers along with bill showing billing address and get the mobile number registered with RRP. RRP President (myself) will administer poll by SMS. Those who are supporting Mr. A i.e. existing candidate can register for free. And once Mr. B has been proven as winner, he will need to pay Rs 15,00,000 to Mr. A.

50.8 Deciding first MLA, Corporation candidate

The advertisement amount for Assembly seat will be 1/3rd of Parliamentary seat and that of Corporation seat will be 1/3rd of Assembly seat.

50.9 Member’s role in elections

The members will be free to campaign for the candidate they think is best person to bring TCP, RTR, MRCM etc. laws.  The members need not campaign for the official Party candidate.

50.10 Replacement of the President of the Party

1.   The election will be via internet community only. Those who are not computer literate shall vote via friend, relative etc. who is computer literate.

2.   The person who is challenging President must first form a Political Party named as “Right to Recall Party , no. XXX of District YYY” , where XXX is the next available number for district YYY”.  He must first get this party registered and the Party must have same constitution as RRP. Rest of the draft refers it as Replacement Party.

3.   The voting members’ will have different number of votes. The number of votes a member will have will be  (Rupee amount they have spent on newspaper advertisements)/1000  , with minimum as 1 vote.

4.   The members will cast their votes.

5.   The person with highest weights will become the Party President.

6.   The incoming President will spend in thrice the newspaper advertisement amount President has spent. The outgoing President will get no remuneration.

7.   The Challenging President will resign from Presidentship of Replacement RRP and make outgoing President of main RRP as President of Replacement RRP. The new President of Replacement RRP may change the name of RRP as parent RRP. And then will he resign from Presidentship of parent RRP and make President

50.11 Appointment other officer bearers

Other that President, there will be candidate-in-waiting, and there will be no other officer bearer.

50.12 The Party Constitution given to Election Commission

Since Election Commission has not created detailed rules about Party’s Constitution, the copy of the Constitution given to election commission will be abridged and not detailed.  The Constitution will have draft of TCP and RTR laws I am proposing.

50.13 Recognizing other RRPs

If any citizen of India forms Party whose Constitution has TCP and RTR drafts , I at RRP will recognize that party as coalition partner. And if the Party President gives newspaper advertisement  of TCP, RTR drafts, I will not put any candidate in the MP, MLA Constituency he has picked. In fact, I would prefer MP, MLA candidates to form their own Parties – one for each Constituency. That way, we will have some 543 RRPs at MP Constituency level plus about 5000 RRPs at MLA level. More the better.