24        Improving Military-Industrial complex


24.1  Summary of RRP proposals to improve Indian Military

24.2  Key factors determining strength of Military

24.3  Increasing talent in engineers

24.4  What if we dont improve Military

24.5  How US won Kargil war, and India and Pakistan both lost Kargil war

24.6  Improving weapon manufacturing industry

24.7  How bad is nuclear arsenal and nuclear capabilities of India?

24.8  Kill Switch – Threat of imported weapons

24.9  Comparison of Indian Military with Chinese Military

24.10   Giving guns to all citizens – ONLY way to survive possibility of near term war

24.11   Solution to the problem of Imported Weapons

24.12   Other party’s and eminent intellectuals stand on improving Military

24.13   How can YOU help in improve Military?


24.1 Summary of RRP proposals to improve Indian Military

I at RRP propose the following changes to improve Indian Military. Please note --- my proposal is NOT that when we will come into power, we will print following drafts in the Gazette. My proposal is that we activists should raise a mass-movement to convince PM to print TCP in the Gazette. And once TCP is printed in the Gazette.

1.     MRCM : Enact procedures so that the royalties from all the mines and rents from GoI plots gets divided as --- 1/3rd  to the Indian Military, 2/3rd to citizens of India. This will increase Military funding. The draft is given in chap-5

2.     Enact a wealth tax for Military which is 1% of market value of non-agricultural land above 25 sq meters per person, and use that fund on military only. The draft is given in chap-25

3.     Enact a wealth tax for Military which is 1% of market value of agricultural land above 5 acre per person, and use that fund on military only. The draft is given in chap-25

4.     Enact Inheritance tax of 35% on wealth above 25 sqm of NA land, 50 sqm of construction, 5 acre of agricultural wealth and Rs 1 cr of other wealth. The tax will be 65% when the person is not a “close” relative. The draft is given in chap-25

5.     Increase the number of soldiers from 12,00,000 to 40,00,000

6.     Increase the salaries of soldiers by 200% as of now (Jun-2010), effective Jan-2002

7.     Universal Military Training : Introduce compulsory weapon use education for all citizens of India, starting from 10th class onwards. Also introduce weapon education classes for adults. As weapon training in citizens increase, they will become more informed about importance of large weapons and so will oppose leaders who weaken Military.

8.     Recruit 500,000 engineers and 10,00,000 laborers to increase weapon production of all weapons from guns to tanks to airplanes or nuclear bombs and missiles. Because strength of Indian Military will depend on ability of nation of manufacture  (manufacture, not import) US-quality weapons such as nuclear missiles, cruz missiles etc.

9.     IITs, IISc will come under DRDO. 15 year draft will apply on those who join these colleges. After graduation, they will have to server DRDO etc for 15 years.

10.            Increase the nuclear arsenal of India to establish parity with China : China has conducted 23 ground nuclear tests and 22 atmospheric tests, where as India has conducted only 4 ground and zero atmospheric tests. And largest test China conducted was 4500 kilotons, while ours was mere 45 kt. Highest. And China has over 20 to 30 times more warheads than India has. We must conduct at least ten 3000 kiloton atmospheric nuclear tests and forty other ground/atmospheric nuclear tests ranging from 100 kilotons to 4500 kilotons to be at par with China.

11.            Impose 300% import duty on every imports except raw material : Military needs weapon manufacturing skills. Imported weapons are all useless. And the only way to increase engineering skills is to create a large scale manufacturing sector in India which is importing only raw material and no hi-tech goods at all. Complete local liberalization will enable risk taking engineers to setup their own ventured and 300% import duty will enable them to sell their goods locally.

12.            Social security for labor and hire-file policy in labor : Improvement in engineering skills needs huge amount of manufacturing industries in India, and industries. And industrial growth is maximal when labor has social security system and employer full hire-fire capability. The MRCM law-draft creates social security cover which makes it impossible for employers to exploit an employee. And the hire-fire law-draft enables employers to reduce financial burden when production reduces.

13.            Compulsory weapon bearing  : Citizens will be required to keep a gun and few bullets inside their homes. See chap-29 for details.

In short, to improve India’s Military, we will need to take several steps inside Military such as recruiting soldiers, raising salaries etc. But we need to take 10s of important steps outside military and inside nation as well. Because strength of Indian Military depends on many factors which are external to Military. E.g. Military needs engineers who can manufacture US quality weapons. Now if economic policies of India are so that these policies retard the creation of engineering talent in India, then Military will suffer. Likewise, Military needs large number of patriotic soldiers as input from society. But if the government is full of corrupt Ministers, policemen and judges, then patriotism in citizens decrease and so again Military weakens. So improving Military is easy – but it is a voluminous work as one needs to fix many civilian departments as well to improve Military. A Military can protect a nation, only if nation protects and strengthens every  its Military, and every sector that Military needs.

The drafts of the Gazette Notifications needed to bring above changes in Military will be later posted at http://www.rahulmehta.com/improve_military.htm

24.2 Key factors determining strength of Military

The salary and training of soldiers are important, and equally important is salary, skill level and discipline of engineers and technicians. And men can be disciplined only in a country where administration, courts are less unfair. Let me restate this fact in comparative way :

Factor that impacts strength of military

How\Why it impacts strength of Military

Salary, Training of solders

A country which gives better salaries, training to soldiers will have stronger military than a country which offers poor salaries and training.

Weapon manufacturing capability

A country with more talented engineers will have better weapon manufacturing capabilities than a country where engineers have lesser talent. So what law-drafts and factors can increase engineering talent in India? See chap-26 .

Weapon use training in average citizens

A country which has more armed civilians will have stronger military, as weapon use training makes a person informed about large weapons, and so the citizenry as a whole rejects leaders who weaken military to please their foreign sponsors. So how do we make more and more citizens of India armed to teeth? Pls see chap-29

Indiscipline in the citizens

A country where citizens have lesser indiscipline will have stronger military than a country where indiscipline is higher. So what laws will reduce indiscipline in the citizens of India?  see chap-21

Non-regressiveness in tax system

A country which lesser regressive tax system will have better tax collection, and so more money for military and thus a stronger military. A country with regressive tax system will end up have less money for military and so weaker military. So what laws will make tax system less regressive? Pls see chap-25

sloganeering, singing patriotic songs

Sloganeering is useless, and does not improve Military even by 1%. In fact, sloganeering is utterly useless. It is useful in draining out energy of activists who want change and thus indirectly help elitemen in retaining their nefarious setup. Singing patriotic songs is also useless.


A country where citizens are more patriotic will have stronger military. But a country which has less fair police, courts will have less patriotic people due to more injustice prevailing in the country. Only known way to increase Patriotism is decrease unfairness in courts and police depts. Giving lectures and making students sing patriotic songs are useless and time-waste activites.

Independent economy

To create nuclear arsenal, we need to defy the US mandate against developing nuclear weapons and for that we need a technological setup inside India that can function in isolation. So other than raw materials, we must manufacture everything that world manufactures.

Expellable PM

The key persons in Military is PM, for PM decides salaries in Militaries, DRDO etc and PM decides policies which effect civilians depts. Which Military needs. So unless PM is recallable, PM may chose to sell out to US, Saud and take policies which will weaken India. IMO, this is already happening.

Weaponized Citizenry

A country which has weaponized citizenry will understand Military realities easily and will work to create policies that strengthen Military.

In addition, there are many more factors. I have discussed how each civilian department on which the Military depends can be improved in respective chapter on the civilian department. E.g. Military needs patriotic citizens, and non-corrupt police/courts are necessary and sufficient to create patriotism in citizens. So if someone like myself wants to strengthen Military, then burden of providing laws by which corruption in police and courts will reduce is on him. I have already provided list of laws by which corruption in policemen/courts can be reduced.


24.3 Increasing talent in engineers

An important factor that provides strength to Military is skill level of engineers in India. And that requires a considerable change in economic laws. To develop the skills locally, we need large scale local manufacturing inside India and that is possible only if

1.     laws have to ensure that labor is protected

2.     hire fire laws

3.     easy entry and easy exit laws to maximize the competition in industry

4.     high custom duty , give 1/3rd of custom duty to citizens

The above conditions are necessary and almost sufficient. Why are above three set of laws must to improve manufacturing capabilities and how does RRP propose to achieve these goals? Let me answer the why and how part first

1.     Protecting labor : The labor security means that labor (all citizens) will have small guaranteed income to ensure food, clothing, housing and  education for his family, even if he loses employment has to take some minimum wage job. In absence of security, the employer can exploit him, and also force him to do things that would hurt society. I have Right to Recall Party has proposed MRCM law-draft by which citizens directly get mineral royalties and land rent. This will create security cover similar to a social security system for the labor. While individual employer doesn’t face the burden of social security, some of the social security may come from income tax and wealth tax paid by the employers’ profits. This employers are as a whole contributing to the part of labor security system.

2.     Hire-fire : In absence of hire-fire laws, the indiscipline and irresponsibility will increase. And when employer makes  loses, forcing him to pay the labor will only force him to sell away his industry to wealthy individuals or MNCs. This will only increase the strength of MNCs and wealthy individuals. IOW, if  we support a law-draft that an employer cant expel workers to cut costs, then MNCs and wealthy individuals who have ability to bribe bank directors and Finance Ministers will be able to get low interest loans and survive this burden. But the small time employers who are in constant competitive environment, and have no contacts to bribe bank directors or Finance Ministers will be left with no option but to sell away their units to MNCs and wealthy individuals. IOW, no-fire laws benefit wealthy and corrupt individuals only.

3.     Easy entry exit laws to maximize the competition : Weapon manufacturing requires engineering talent. The only way to create engineering talent in engineers is by creating situation where in they are confronting (non-violent) ruthless competition with other engineers. Training in colleges can only make them familiar with issues and research in universities can only do some path-breaking work or waste time. An engineer acquires ground skills only when that engineer is in real industry and when he is confronting real competition.  And easy entry-exit laws are necessary to maximize the competition.

4.     High custom duty : Either country should be at par with technologically most advanced country in the world or laws must ensure very high import duties on all goods except natural raw materials. Since India is far from acquiring capability that would compare with even Vietnam, forget China and even forget Germany, Japan or US, it is necessary for us to impose 300% custom duty on imports so that local manufacturing gets the local market. And of the custom duties collected, 1/3rd  should directly go to citizens. This direct payment is important to create aversion in citizens against smuggling and to ensure that citizens do use Right to Recall over Customs Board Chairman procedure efficiently to ensure that Customs Chairman is collecting Customs properly.

24.4 What if we dont improve Military

If we don’t improve the Military, then India will go Iraq way.

The international politics is based on two simple laws :

1.     The stronger fish will chew the weaker fish i.e. the people of a country with a stronger military will rob and enslave the people of the country with a weaker military i.e. if Indians don’t improve military, then Americans or Chinese will rob and enslave Indians.

2.     No mercy. No exception. Americans or Chinese are not rishterdar of Indians.

The geo-political changes are only outcomes of changes in military strengths and nothing else. E.g. In 1700s, the strength of UK Military became 20-50 times that of Indian Military due to superiority of weapons and more cohesiveness in British society (the more cohesiveness was due to fairer administration and courts). And so they were able to enslave India. The Western Militaries weakened due to WW2, and soldiers in India had strengthened due to WW2, and so India and many Asian, African countries became free. But now Western Militaries have regained the lost strength, and so devoured Panama and Iraq, with Iran next on the list and India next to next. If India doesn’t strengthen the Military, India will go Iraq way.

As of now, elite in US is sending US troops to various countries such as Iraq, Iran and next India for two main reasons. One is to devour all mineral ore mines and another is to spread Christianity. India is seen as “nation with one billion souls to be harvested” and every Christianists in US wants to exterminate Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism etc from India and put Christianity as sole religion. A similar dream is harbored by Islamists in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – they want to install Islam all over India. But the Islamists are no real threats as they themselves are now under US Military. We also face threat from China, which wants to destroy India so that it can gain better share in world exports and can devour crude oil wells of Assam along with Arunachal Pradesh.

Pakistan on its own is too weak, but Pakistani elite agreed to make Pakistani Military and whole Pakistan as puppet of West, Saudi Arabia or China, who-so-ever who bids highest. So while US or China may not directly use their soldiers to break India, they will provide weapons and satellite information, and use Pakistan Army to break India.


24.5 How US won Kargil war, and India and Pakistan both lost Kargil war

There are points that mediamen (who are under US influence because they get huge advertisements from MNCs) never ever told us. But a cursory glance at key events will show that India and Pakistan both lost the Kargil war, and it was US which won that war. Essentially, US had decided to teach the then PM ABV a lesson for defying US and yet conducting nuclear tests. So US assisted General Musharraf in placing Pakistani troops on Kargil mountains. When war started, we did not have laser guided missiles or even laser guided bombs to hit the insurgents who were at the top of the mountain. The planes and helicopters had to fly low to hit the targets, and in the process we lost our planes and helicopters. The Bofors shells were useful  in hitting the enemy on the mountain, but they were of limited use, as the precision is not that high and so over most shells will fall way too far to create substantial damage. And so we had to ask 1000s of our soldiers to climb the mountain. The enemy was at the top, our soldiers were climbing up and so they got shot in huge number.

And to make matter worse, even the Bofors shells were imported as we did not have capability to manufacture even the shells. And the rate at which we needed to use the shells, we would have run of shells in months. And US dictated the terms at which we would get Bofors shells. At the same time, the helicopters etc which Pakistan needed to send goods etc infiltrators needed parts made in European NATO countries which are also under US control.

So when US President Clinton asked Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif to stop the war, both had to obey. And when Clinton asked India’s PM ABV to give safe passage at 2 AM in the morning of July-25, ABV had to obey, and within 2 hours India announces safe passage to the Pakistani soldiers. So all in all, India lost the war – it could not even kill the Pakistani soldiers who had entered India and killed 800 Indian soldiers. Pakistan too had lost, as they had to leave on US orders and could not even carry the dead bodies of their dead soldiers back. If ABV had not obeyed Clinton like a good obedient boy, then US would have blocked the supply of Bofors shells and provided all help to Pakistan, in which case Pakistan would have won. If Musharraf had not obeyed Clinton, then Clinton would have increased aid to India and blocked all aid to Pakistan, in which case Pakistan would have imploded. It was US which won the war.

When Kargil war started, we did ask Russia, France, US and several countries to sell us laser guided missiles and laser guided bombs. But none sold us till the last moment. At last moment we could buy some laser guided bombs to kill the infiltrators at the top of the mountains.


24.6 Improving weapon manufacturing industry

Here I request the reader to note one point : if we were manufacturing laser guided missiles and laser guided bombs, not even one soldier of India would have died. Without risking the life of even one soldier, we would have killed all infiltrating Pakistani soldiers using laser guided bombs and laser guided missiles. This where Military heavily depends on civilian departments. Because of corruption in PM, FinMin etc, we could not develop these weapons.  All in all, given the corrupt polity we had since the death of Indira Amma, our weapon manufacturing program is in shambles. And we need to fix this ASAP.

One of the core demand of Right to Recall Party is to make ALL necessary changes in economy and polity so that India’s ability to manufacture weapons comes at par with US.

24.7 How bad is nuclear arsenal and nuclear capabilities of India?

The following table will show how pathetic our nuclear capabilities are







No. of nuclear explosion






No. of atmospheric nuclear explosions






No of high altitude explosion






Largest explosion in kilotons






Neutron Bombs






          China conducted an atmospheric explosion of 3000 kt in 1968. Our largest explosion is  mere 45 kt, which wont scare even a scar-crow. So after 40 long years, we are 1/75th of China. What is further depressing is that Pokharan-2 was a failure. The reader may not be aware of this, but all the data now prove that while nuclear explosion did happen, the thermo-nuclear explosion which was supposed to happen after nuclear explosion failed. ABV, Kalam etc lied before India’s citizens, but enemy such as US and China know that our nuclear arsenal is a dud.

Solution is atmospheric tests. The underground tests’ strength is measured by seismic vibrations, where-in it is easy to cook the data. But atmospheric tests can be measured by temperature at points in air at various distance from point of explosion. This gives accurate measurement of heat and thus strength of the explosion. If China could develop and explode 3000 kt atmospheric bomb in 1968 and if Russia could explode 50000 kt bomb in 1950s, then we too can create an at least 3000kt test in next 10 years. One of my proposals at RRP is conduction one 3000 kt atmospheric nuclear test in next 10 years.

In addition, our nuclear arsenal is not even 1/20th of China  and is peanuts compared to USA and Russia. We must develop a nuclear arsenal which at least at big as China.


24.8 Kill Switch – Threat of imported weapons

Imported complex weapons such missiles, planes etc have so called Kill Switch. What is Kill Switch? It is circuit etc which when receives a particular encrypted radio signal from satellite or from a van, that missile, fighter plane etc will simply stop working. Imported radars also have Kill Switch. The problem of Kill Switch comes when equipment is imported. The selling country can always put a Kill Switch at 10s of places, and sniffing out Kill Switches is an impossible task. Now say we have imported fighter planes from US, then it is almost guaranteed to have Kill Switches. And in case there is war between India and US, the US will make that plane useless by merely activating the Kill Switch. Worse, if there is war between India and Pakistan, and is US wants India to lose or suffer badly, US can make that plane useless by activating the Kill Switch. Still worse, of the war is between India and China, and plane is imported from France, China can always purchase Kill Switch details by paying money to France. The solution to this problem:  manufacture all weapons locally.  I at RRP propose to install factories in India so that EVERY weapon known to mankind is manufactured in India, made by Indian engineers and is not using any imported part.

24.9 Comparison of Indian Military with Chinese Military





No. of regular soldiers



China has far many more “Military-ready” youth with Military training, than India because China has Universal Military Training.

No. of planes



China manufactures fighter planes, we don’t.

No of combat planes



China manufactures fighter planes, we don’t.

Navy vessels



Chinese Navy has base in Gwadar,  and is  building bases in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. Indian Navy has no base near Chinese coastline. So India’s Navy cant attack China but Chinese Navy can attack India.

Nuclear warheads



China has successfully tested 4300 kt explosion. We have tested only 45 kt explosion.

Missile range (km)




Nuclear warhead carrying submarines




Cruise Missiles



China manufactures cruise missiles and so it can shower 100s  of cruise missiles of India. We import at very high cost.

Laser guided missiles and laser guided bombs



China manufactures LGB and LGM.   missiles and so it can shower 100s  of cruise missiles of India. We import at very high cost

24.10 Giving guns to all citizens – ONLY way to survive possibility of near term war

As an immediate solution and only to possible threat of war with China-Pakistan-Bangladesh (multi-front), it is must that we give guns to all citizens of India.

Let me explain the problem of possibility of 2 front war and proposed solution.

Is war with China + Pakistan +_ Bangladesh likely?

First, will there be a war between India and (Pakistan + China + Bangladesh)? And if yes, when? Well, saying that war will happen and saying that it won, are both futile. Eg all along from 1950 to 1990, world was afraid of war between US and USSR and that war never happened. And no one in 1989 knew that US would invade Iraq, loot all its oil, kill million Iraqi, enslave the rest and unleash the process to Christianize Iraqies. And none in Jan-2011 knew that US\Europe will destroy Libya by Oct-2011, loot all its oil and start its Christianization. None. So showing confidence in saying that war will happen or not happen is foolishness.

The scenario

The possibility of war between India and Pakistan is high because both US and China stand to gain, and they are capable of making that war happen. The polity in India as well as Pakistan is sold out and mediamen in India are under US control and that in Pakistan is under Chinese and some US control. The only reason why China is not unleashing Pakistan to attack India is fear that in such case, India may become US puppet, and then US may use India to damage China. Likewise, US doesn’t push Pakistan to attack India because it is worried that in such case, India may decide to become puppet of Russia. IOW, neither US nor China are worried about India’s standalone strength.

In this scenario, a revolt in Saudi Arabia may be game changer. Due to US’s explicit attempt to impose Christianity in Iraq and now Libya in Oct-2011, a revolt in Saudi Arabia is brewing. It is not easily visible, as Saudi Arabia has a very cruel and harsh Monarchy administered by USA, and plus Saudi Arabia is wealthy and has low unemployment. But a revolt is brewing as on oct-2011. If  revolt in Saudi Arabia is successful in expelling existing pro-American royal family, the next regime may be Islamist. The next Saudi Arabian regime will be oil-rich, but with no weapons and manpower. Pakistan and Bangladesh have manpower but to money and weapons. China has weapon to sell. So these countries may form a group where China provides weapons and satellite information, Saudi Arabia provides cash and crude oil, and Pakistan and Bangladesh provide manpower. This can become an explosive mix against India. Worse, the US benefits in (Pakistan + Bangladesh) funded by Saudi Arabia and aided by Chinese to attack India. Why? Because in such case, India will be left with no option but to accept US shelter and in return US can take over all mineral mines, destroy science\maths education and later Christianize India.

Now if China provides all its latest weapons and satellite information to Pakistan and Bangladesh, and India doesn’t import weapons, then Pakistani Army will reach Madras and Kolkata. The biggest threat is Cruise Missiles of China. India does not have radar to detect them and India doesn’t have anti-missile missiles to counter these Cruise Missiles. So Pakistan can use these Cruise Missiles to destroy key airfields. In addition, China has superior anti-aircraft missiles. So within days, Pakistan aided by Chinese weapons, can destroy Indian air force or make it dysfunctional. In next round, Pakistani Army will advance with air force cover, and Indian Military will have no cover. Indian Army will lose badly and get decimated. To make matter worse, there are some 1 cr Bangladeshies in India. China via Bangladesh can provide guns and other weapons such grenades, rocket launchers etc to Bangladeshies and create an army of 10 lakh to 20 lakh Bangladeshi soldiers inside India !! And that will be almost as powerful as Indian Army minus tanks !! To make matter further worse, only 20 lakh soldiers plus policemen in India have AK-47 of above guns and civilians have no such guns. Whereas in Pakistan, lakhs and lakhs of civilians have AK-47 level guns. So once the wall of Indian Army breaks, lakhs of armed Pakistani and Bangladeshi civilians will rush into India and unleash murders, loot, arson, maiming and rapes. So even if Chinese do not directly intervene, by giving weapons to Pakistan and Bangladesh, China can practically destroy India. 


So in case of Pakistan + Bangladesh + China attack, as far as I seem there are 3 choices :

1.                               India doesn’t buy weapons and doesn’t manufacture weapons --- outcome : India dies

2.                               India imports weapons from West --- India dies slowly

3.                               India manufactures weapons  --- India may live

Choice – 1 :  India doesn’t import or manufacture weapons

Then India dies. So no point is discussing this as India will take only choice-2 or choice-3 and not this choice.

Choice – 2 :  India imports weapons from West and dies slow death

The West will come and help, but only after Pakistan + China has caused huge losses of lives, property and dignity.  This is to ensure that West can create image of savior and also ask for a high price. The West will provide the weapons, and in return it will ask for all the mineral mines and will also control polity by giving weapons to those who accept the control and by killing those who refuse to accept the control. During the war, the West will use Indian soldiers and youth to attack China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even middle east countries. So we will end up doing dirty work, absorbing l the losses of lives and limbs, and West will gain control over China, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. After the was, with political control, the West will finish science\maths education in India so that India becomes dependent on West for technology for good. And in the next phase, the West will exterminate all religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam etc from India and impose Christianity, and make India a permanent slave of West. (eg Philippines). So all in all, importing weapons will be a slow death for India.

Choice – 3 :  India manufactures weapons : India may live

As of oct-2011, existing PM and most Ministers are US agents and oppose large scale manufacturing of weapons in India, and insist on import. The newcomers too will sell out if they see that citizens can expel them for 5 years. So RTR is must not only to expel existing leaders in short time, but also to ensure that newcomers do not sell out to West.

Now RTR creates a polity that will work towards large scale indigenous weapon manufacturing. But a large scale weapon manufacturing of complex weapons such as tanks, planes etc would need time and may need more time as it also needs a large number of scientists, engineers etc. What steps should we take to deal with possibility that attack happens before we reach the stage where we are manufacturing complex weapons at a large scale?

The only way I can think of is to manufacture a large number of AK-47 and AK-100 levels and give such guns to crores and crores, possibly all, citizens. Say we have 2 years time. The two years are not enough to setup factories to make fighter planes, cruise missiles, tanks etc, This would need at least 4-5 years. If we are planning for possibility of a war in coming few months, then only choice is have is manufacture crores of guns. This is possible, because we know how to make guns and they are easy to make in large number in short time.

If crores of citizens have guns, then Pakistani Military may at worst manage to destroy bridges, power station etc but cant capture much of territory because each citizen will give  fight. If territory is preserved, then sooner or later, we can defeat the invaders and re-built the lost wealth.


One suggestion I give at RRP is to delicense gun bearing and gun manufacture, and ensure that each citizen of India has guns in as few months as possible. This will ensure that we can survive war without yielding to West. This IMO is the only way we may be able to protect us. I say “may”, because it may be that we are already too  late.

24.11 Solution to the problem of Imported Weapons

The fact that India manufactures NO weapons and imports everything is scary. The imports may not work when war starts due to Kill Switches, or we may have to beg the supplier country not to activate Kill Switch. And we will have to pay price for that. And the price of imports and service parts will go 5 to 50 times when war starts. So we have no option but to start a large scale weapon manufacturing industry, aka Military -Industrial complex in India. I at RRP propose to install factories in India so that EVERY weapon known to mankind is manufactured in India, made by Indian engineers and is not using any imported part.

24.12 Other party’s and eminent intellectuals stand on improving Military

The leaders of other parties and all eminent intellectuals are simply hostile to improve Military. Every party leader has refused to implement Universal Weapon Education as they are scared that citizens may rebel against their corruption and atrocities. And they also oppose raising salaries of soldiers as they want to keep taxes on elitemen low. Every party’s leaders have refused to bring Nuclear Weapon at parity with even China, forget USA and Russia. The salaries paid to Engineers in Military sector is so low that few engineers join them, and so manufacturing is in shambles. The weapon manufacturing program is so weak that e are even importing Bofors shells, forget manufacturing the howitzer. And we are even importing AK-47 rifles. All projects such as Arjun Tank, LCA and Kaveri Engine etc are in shambles as engineers are not joining these low paying jobs. And PMs have refused to raise salaries of engineers since 1991.

The salaries of middle level Army officers is so low that even young men from Military families are now refusing to join Military. The Military officers once used to encourage their sons and nephews to join Military and now due to pathetically low salaries, and the salaries are low ONLY because the political leaders are hostile in raising salaries. The salaries are so low that out of the sanctioned strength of 40000 officers, 12000 are vacant. And in reality, we need 200,000 officers not just 40000

The leaders insist that the salaries of soldiers should be no more than 20% more than policemen’s salaries!! We all know that no young man would join police force if salaries were their only incomes. The mediamen have created image soldiers are corrupt and so need no salary raise. This is utter nonsense. Compare 10,00,000 foot soldiers (Jawans, Sepoys) with 15,00,000 constables in police we have or with 15,00,000 clerks we have in Govt. Each constable or clerk has some discretionary powers of citizen, while the soldier has none. So while over 80% of the constables and clerks have opportunities to collect bribes, less than 1% of any of the soldiers have any such opportunities. Compare 40000 officers in Army with 40,000 PSI, PI, DySP, SP or Tahsildar, Collector. Less than 5% of officers have any discretionary powers that would get them any bribes. The purchases are done by IAS in Defense Ministry and only very high level officers (top 200 or so) are involved in decision making. So unlike police or babus, where over 90% to 95% have powers to make bribes, over 98% soldiers have no powers that can fetch them any bribes.

We request all citizens to ask their favorite party’s leaders on what they intend to do on issue of strengthening the Military and decide if they are worth voting for. And we also request activists to ask eminent intellectuals on this issue, and decide if they are worth following.


24.13 How can YOU help in improve Military?

Please send order to PM and Loksabha Speaker via SMS that your Yes\No sent via SMS on any bill presented in the Parliament should be posted on the website of Parliament. Please also see chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such Congress MPs, BJP MPs, The Anna, Arvind Gandhi etc who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads, contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get following drafts printed in the Gazette -- RTR PM draft, Wealth Tax draft, Inheritance Tax draft, Compulsory Weapon-use Training draft, Compulsory Weapon Owning draft and several other drafts needed to strengthen Military. This will strengthen Indian Military.



1.  How many nuclear explosions have China and India each conducted till now and how? What were the yields in the highest explosions?

2.  How many soldiers US has per lakh citizens? What is corresponding number for India, Pakistan, China, Russia?

3.  What is the salary of an Indian young men who joined Military say 10 years after he joined NDA? What salary of typical Infosys or IT company employee gets 10 years after he passes out from college?

4.  I strongly urge the reader to watch following movie - Omar Mukhtar