20        Promoting Swadeshi, Reducing wrongful MNC-owners’ domination


20.1   Do I oppose all MNCs? No. Oppose which MNCs, where and why?

20.2   The overall vision and plan of super-MNCs owners

20.3   Why fight against Christianization?

20.4   Control of MNC-owners is bigger problem than corruption

20.5   Source of MNC-owners’ strength – lesser unfairness in West; And the way out for us

20.6   WOIC – Wholly Owned by Indians Company

20.7   Promoting WOIC and thus implementing Swadeshi

20.8   How Right to Recall PM, RTR-judges etc. reduce domination of MNC-owners

20.9   Not giving repatriation commitment to foreign investors such as FDI/FII

20.10     Moving away from dollars to gold standards

20.11     How Jury System reduces domination of MNC-owners

20.12     How can YOU help in reducing MNC-domination?



20.1 Do I oppose all MNCs? No. Oppose which MNCs, where and why?

Many foreign companies are creating wealth such as Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, Motorola and 1000s of such companies. But several MNCs, and even India super-corporate too, are more in the business of encroaching banks, mineral mines, TV-channels, newspapers and creating oligopolies. They are not in the business of wealth creation. And even amongst wealth creating MNCs, dominance and oligopoly can create severe problems in the area of Military. Eg if we import telecom equipment from a US company say Nortel. If these switches are used in India, then during US-India war, US can disable the telecom network by merely pressing a button, and whole Indian Military will become deaf and blind. That’s why hi-tech imports which may effect Military should be prohibited even from good MNCs.

We need Gazette Notifications which permit wealth creating companies to flourish and curb actions of the MNC-owners who do nothing but create monopolies. And we also need Gazette Notifications to ensure that the damage good MNCs can do on Military reduces.

20.2 The overall vision and plan of super-MNCs owners

The MNC-owners are not just a state within state, they are the state above all states. The overall plan of owners of super-MNCs is not different from what East India Company did  in India 1760-1860 and or what they have done in past 100 years in Philippines or SoKo (SoKo = South Korea. To be exact, MNC-owners’ plan is :

1.     Make Ministers\officers to reduce the weapon manufacturing capability : The MNC-owners use bribes and media-threats over Ministers/IAS and force them to reduce weapon manufacturing capability of the country. eg SoKo, Japan, Taiwan etc. do not manufacture any weapons to speak of and weapon manufacturing capability of India is worsening day by day. This makes a country dependent on MNC-owners for weapons and protection. So during war-time, the MNC-owners can ask the Ministers to hand over all mineral mines and also give political control.

2.     Break science\maths education : Using bribe and media-threats, the MNC-owners force Ministers\officers to ruin maths\science education, testing and pass-fail systems so that education of maths\science worsens. So the nation cant produce scientists, mathematicians, engineers and technicians to build factories and weapons. This makes nation dependent on MNC-owners for engineering of most complex goods including weapons

3.     Capture all mineral mines and oil wells : The mineral mines and oil wells offer huge profit margins because the real extraction costs plus royalties are not even 10% of selling price in most cases. Please note --- real extraction costs, not the costs on books which are inflated to hide the profits. So like everyone, MNC-owners prime interest is to devour mineral mines and oil wells. Eg all oil wells of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and now Libya are US properties. And more and more mineral mines in India are becoming US property. The oil wells owned by Reliance in India are also de-facto property of US companies.

4.     Finish local religions ; Christianize the country : Most historians etc. tell lies that MNC-owners confine to profits and are not interested in spread of Christianity. Well, lets look at some facts of 1760-1860. In 1850s, the East India Company directors in London ordered bullet manufacturing units to use tallow (charbi) of cow and pig instead of tallow of buffalo. Despite repeated requests from British officers to use buffalo tallow and not cow or pig tallow, the directors insisted on using cow and pig tallow. Not only that, the bullet manufacturers were ordered to mix the tallow of pig and cow, so that both Hindu and Muslim solders get cow and pig tallow in their mouth !! Why? This was to create a situation that would make local Hindu and Muslim population expel the East India Company’s Indian soldiers from their communities, so that it becomes easy to convert soldiers into Christians. The initial reason why EIC-owners wanted to spread Christianity was create some 5% population which feels isolated and threatened by remaining 95% and so becomes more loyal to EIC-owners and also agrees to dominate them. And later, the reason to convert 100% population is the usual directive given by The God to convert whole world.

Consider the steps MNC-owners have taken all over the world, and also exceptions. MNC-owners are breaking science\maths education system in India by creating a system that no students will be failed till 8th class Everyone will pass, so most will not study and teachers too will stop teaching. The science\maths education system in Philippines and all countries that came under MNC-owners’ domination is broken. Exception is SoKo, Japan and Taiwan. Why did MNC-owners spared these countries? The MNC-owners need them to fight against China and Russia and so they did not demolish science\maths education there. But there too, MNC-owners have ensured that these countries have poor weapon manufacturing capability. Further in SoKo, MNC-owners could ensure that over 40% population is now Christian, and out of remaining 70%, some 35% don’t  dare to call themselves Buddhists anymore. Japan has retained Buddhism, because MNC-owners don’t want to antagonize Japan as MNC-owners needed Japan to fight against Russia and now MNC-owners need Japan to fight against China. But once US is done with China, it will impose Christianity on Japan as well.

The plan of MNC-owners for India is not different from plan they executed in SoKo or  Philippines. The grand plan is to convert India into 10-15 Philippines, each fighting against each other and where science\maths education is in shambles, almost everyone is Christian, weapon manufacturing is nearly zero and all minerals mines are property of MNC-owners. Right now MNC-owners priority is Iran and not India. Further, MNC-owners want to use India to fight against China. So for a while, MNC-owners will not weaken India, except ruin science\maths education system. But once MNC-owners are done with Iran and China, they will take up task of dividing India into 10-15 parts warring with each other and Christianize all of them. The Janlokpal System, with NO Right to Recall Janlokpal, is important tool in their plan to ensure that Ministers\officers obey them.

20.3 Why fight against Christianization?

During my campaign to reduce MNC domination, I faced an interesting but valid question --- why oppose West’s actions to impose Christianization? Whats so wrong if everyone in India is made to accept Christianity as long as there is no violence, and only economic means are used?

The issue is that the process of conversion by economic means can cover say 40% to 50% population but not 100%. There will always be enough number of people who will prefer to live in shambles but will not convert. So if one wants 100% conversion, it can first convert some 40% to 50% using economic means, but later, it will have to use discrimination and also force. The use of force will create a large number of deaths eventually.

This can be seen in today’s South Korea. US took over SoKo economy in 1960. After taking over SoKo economy, the MNCs gradually started giving more preference to Christians. Using political influence, MNCs ensured that all state run schools rot, and so only place where poor can get decent education was schools run by Missionaries. This further promoted more Koreans to become Christians and made Christians more educated than Buddhists and thus enabled Christian Koreans to get far better jobs than Buddhist Koreans. Today, Buddhists in Korean are much poorer than Christians. But despite all this, some 40% of Koreans are still Buddhists and they refuse to give up Buddhism. As a result, many Christians have started using force and violence against Buddhists. All in all, complete conversion without use of raw force doesn’t happen as some portion of population places religion above all material gains.

20.4 Control of MNC-owners is bigger problem than corruption

The problem of MNC-owners’ control is bigger than corruption. If corruption is diabetes, then MNC-owners’-control is cancer. The corruption reduces income and living standard of citizens, but rising control of MNC-owners can make all citizens slaves of these MNC-owners. This factor is important to keep in mind, because the Janlokpal System (with no right to recall Janlokpal) will reduce corruption at all levels, but Janlokpals will increase control of MNC-owners by several times. As per the “Janlokpal System with no RTR-Janlokpal” sponsored by The Anna, nine big shots of India namely Vice President, PM, Leader of Opposition, two Supreme judges, two High judges, CEC and CAG will appoint 11 Janlokpals, who will have powers to imprison any IAS, UPS, Minister, judge etc. who disobey them. Now these 9 people already have relatives working for MNCs as lawyers or they are under MNC-owners due to MNC-owners’ ownership over TV-channels and newspapers. Eg PM , Vice President, PM and the leader of the opposition dance on tune of MNC-owners because MNC-owners control TV-channels via ownership and advertisement. And many judges, CEC, CAG etc. have their relatives working in MNCs as high paid lawyers. All in all, these 9 people can be seen as MNC-owners-puppets. So they will only appoint 11 MNC-puppets with clean image as 11 Janlokpals. And if by chance if one non-puppet becomes Janlokpal, then within few weeks, MNC-owners will hire his relatives as highly paid agents or using Supreme judges, MNC-owners can have him expelled. Via relatives placed in MNCs, the 11 Janlokpals will get sufficient non-provable bribes and other extraneous advantages. And the Janlokpals will force IAS, IPS, Ministers, judges etc. to clear MNC-owners’ files without letting them take too much bribes either. Now the 11 Janlokpals will not take bribes from small people or even middle businessmen. Now will they let IAS, IPS etc. take bribe from small people and middle level people because Janlokpals will want them to favor MNC-owners and not small/middle businessmen. That way the Janlokpal System is a no-brainer. It gives principal bribe-givers namely MNC-owners control over administration and so no wonder total quantum of bribes will decrease. But control of MNC-owners over Indian administration will increase and it is bigger problem than existing corruption.

This is main reason why MNC-owners paid TV-channels and newspapers to popularize the Janlokpal System and popularize The Anna who was campaigning for the Janlokpal System..

All in all, Janlokpal with no RTR-Janlokpal is like a medicine which reduces diabetes and increases cancer. It is MNC-pal masquerading as Janlokpal. And Lokpal with RTR-Lokpal is medicine which reduces both, diabetes and cancer. The Anna has opposed RTR-Lokpal, because he knows that if he supports RTR-Lokpal, then MNC-owners will stop paying TV-channels to sponsor him and he will become unknown fameless person. The Janlokpal Game and the Janlokpal Reality Show is discussed in detail in chap-45.

20.5 Source of MNC-owners’ strength – lesser unfairness in West; And the way out for us

The MNC-owners are able to take over mineral mines, oil wells, TV-channels and finally political control of several countries such as SoKo, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and control over India is rising. The main reason is not disunity of people in poor countries, but the less unfair courts\administration and less unfair tax systems of West. The lesser unfairness in West is the main source of the strength of MNC-owners and higher unfairness in poor countries is the main source of the weakness.

As example, consider unfairness in Indian courts and Western Courts. The West uses Jury System is to dispose some if not all cases, while Indian courts use judge system only. In chap-21, I have explained why Jury System reduces unfairness and injustice in society while the judge system increases injustice. Further, non-regressive taxes like wealth tax, inheritance tax, flat income tax etc. do less damage to industrial activities while regressive taxes like excise, VAT, sales tax, regressive income tax etc. do more damage to industrial activities.

Since the injustice is less, the productivity of labor, technicians, engineers and scientists is much higher. And West uses more Wealth Tax, Inheritance, less excise, less VAT, less sales tax and income tax and so industrial activities get less unfavorable atmosphere. So with lesser man-hours, Western societies can create more and better civilian goods and weapons. And thus they can dominate over the poor countries.

What can India do to get rid of MNC-owners’ controls? We need to reduce their internal influence as well as increase our strength and productivity. To increase our strength and productivity, we need to reduce injustices in courts, police, polity etc. by printing Right to Recall, Jury System, Wealth Tax, Inheritance Tax etc. in the Gazette. And we also need to print drafts in Gazette that will reduce strength of MNC-owners inside India. This chapter discusses the Gazette Notifications using which influence of MNC-owners can decrease. The rest of the book has Gazette Notification drafts using which unfairness may reduce. Please note that methods that aim to expel MNCs and not fix weaknesses in India will fail when MNC-owners send US Army. Eg using law, we can expel all MNCs like Coca-cola or McDonald etc.. using law, we can also ban all missionaries. But when MNC-owners send US troops, no law-draft will help. Only weapons will help, and we cant manufacture weapons till we reduce the unfairness in our courts, police and administration. So laws to expel or demote MNC-owners are only short term and stop-gap measures.

20.6 WOIC – Wholly Owned by Indians Company

The existing law-draft such as Company Act and other laws enumerate various types of companies, such as proprietorship, partnerships, private limited, public limited etc.. My proposal is to add one more category called as WOIC which will need to have following restrictions

1.     If a company is WOIC, then resident Indian citizens above 18 years can buy its shares

2.     A Govt body may buy WOIC’s  shares

3.     A partnership where all partners are resident Indian citizens  can but its shares

4.     A WOIC Company can buy shares in WOIC company

5.     No one else can buy shares in WOIC company

Thus a foreigner cannot own even 0.1% of WOIC directly or indirectly.

IMO, WOIC is essential before any meaningful attempt is done to promote Swadeshi and reduce MNC-owners dominations. Eg say I tell all to use products of some “Indian” company. But what if the shares of that “Indian” company are owned by foreigners via mutual funds or FDI or promissory notes or whatever means? Once WOIC category is added in the Company Act, the person can be sure that a particular company is Indian or foreign.

20.7 Promoting WOIC and thus implementing Swadeshi

Once WOIC category is added, I would request activists to force the PM to print following proposals in the Gazette.

1.     Only WOIC will be able to buy land in India. Non-WOIC can lease land or at most 25 years with adjustable annual rents

2.     Only WOIC can enter telecom, satellite and other strategic fields

3.     Only woic can enter into crude oil mining

4.     Only woic can enter into mining of most minerals

5.     Only woic can manufacture edible non-medicine food products

6.     Only woic can own bandwidth and run newspapers

7.     Only woic can work in “zero-technology” areas

And so forth.

I propose to enact these laws one after another in batches using TCP. These laws will implement Swadeshi.

20.8 How Right to Recall PM, RTR-judges etc. reduce domination of MNC-owners

I propose to enact these laws one after another in batches using TCP. These laws will implement Swadeshi.

The MNC-owners main success inside poor countries is via bribing the leaders and/or using TV-channels and newspapers to support/oppose leaders they like or dislike. And equally important way they use is to hire relatives of judges as high paid lawyers. Thru the relative lawyers, the MNC-owners get favorable judgments. The citizens do always know sooner or later, but in absence of Right to Recall, the citizens cant do nothing except discuss and discuss and discuss. RTR over PM, Ministers, IAS and judges can change this in just one go. How?

When RTR is there, moment a Minister or officer or judge takes anti-national pro-MNC-owner decision, his opponents who want to dislodge him and get his position will start giving information to citizens. And using RTR, citizens who felt betrayed will expel him. And once 2-3 Ministers or IAS or judges get expelled, the remaining 50000 Ministers, MPs, MLAs, IAS, IPS, judges etc. will never dare to take anti-national step for next 10 years.

All in RTR makes difficult for MNCs to bribe Minister, Lokpal etc. and get away.

Further, RTR reduces unfairness in administration and this will strengthen Indian companies.

20.9 Not giving repatriation commitment to foreign investors such as FDI/FII

When a foreign company invests into India, it needs to buy deposits, shares or land/labor etc.. For this the company will need rupees, and to get rupees, it gives dollars to RBI and RBI in turns gives rupees. Now RBI gives rupees under two conditions – repatriable and non-repatriable. When it is repatriable, the person who got rupees can later give rupees back and ask for dollars. And in non-repatriation, he cannot get dollars back. To get a hint, I request reader to ask his local bank manager to know interest rates and conditions of NRI’s repatriable fixed deposits and NRI’s non-repatriable fixed deposits.

Today, FII/FDI are given option to repatriate their capital as well as profits. Their investments should be made non-repatriable. So RBI will not give them dollars back. But they can take “dollars” back by buying goods other than natural resources. This will ensure that FDI/FII does not create repayment crisis and sudden fall in rupee.

Further, private individuals should be allowed to have dollar accounts in foreign banks, with disclosure to RBI. The dollar incomes they earn from exports can be deposited in foreign banks and will be taxable at normal rates. And whatever dollars they give to RBI, for that they will get rupees as well as transferable tax-waivers.

20.10 Moving away from dollars to gold standards

India should move away from dollars to gold standard in international trade.

20.11 How Jury System reduces domination of MNC-owners

All in RTR makes difficult for MNCs to bribe Minister, Lokpal etc. and get away.

Pls see chap-21 to see differences between Jury System and judge system. In judge system, handful of judges give all verdicts, where as in Jury System the number of verdict giver is not 12 times more but 1000s of times more. How? In judge system, say one judge works for 30 years and give judgments in 100 important cases a year i.e. say 3000 cases. In JurySys, the cases will go some 36000 citizens. So number of verdict givers increase by 36000 times, not just by 12 times !! So in judge system, MNC-owners benefit because number of people they have to bribe (via hiring their relatives as lawyers) are few hundred only. In JurySys, the numbers will run into crores and makes it unmanageable. So solution I propose is to end the judge system, and use JurySys in Supreme Court, High Courts and Lower Courts as well. This will make it impossible for MNC-owners to bribe their way in courts. Further, JurySys reduces unfairness in administration and this will strengthen Indian companies.

20.12 How can YOU help in reducing MNC-domination?

Please send order to PM and Loksabha Speaker via SMS that your Yes\No sent via SMS on any bill presented in the Parliament should be posted on the website of Parliament. You can via SMS also send necessary orders to PM, MP etc.. eg you send SMS and order PM, MP etc. to print TCP-draft, WOIC-draft etc. in the Gazette. Please also see chap-13 of this book http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm . It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring WOIC-draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve sending orders to PM by SMS, distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such Congress MPs, BJP MPs, Anna etc. who oppose WOIC draft, by sending SMS, giving newspaper ads, contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, WOIC will get printed in 1-2 months and MNC-control will reduce. Later laws such as RTR-PM, RTR-FinMin and JurySys will further reduce MNC-domination.